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Just a reminder to everyone that may not be aware from January we will be playing on the lower 3G pitch but taking a full half meaning two games in one session and instead of having maximum of 16 players this will be upped to a maximum of 32 players having the ability to do this means that each week may vary on how the sessions will work depending on numbers each week....


1) 8v8 session

Pitch 1: 8v8

Pitch 2: 8v8

2) 5v5 mini tournament

8:00pm - 8:30pm

Pitch 1 - Team 1 v Team 2

Pitch 2 - Team 3 v Team 4

8:30pm - 9:00pm

Pitch 1 - Team 1 v Team 3

Pitch 2 - Team 2 v Team 4

3) 10v10 full half Pitch

Depending on the numbers each weeks depends on which example is chosen but be nice to mix each week up so its fun and different as we're quite limited at the moment with the pitch we play on

✅️ Bigger Pitch

✅️ Bigger Goals

If anyone has any other suggestions of examples we could play on a weekly basis then please let me know⚽️

Thank you to everyone for the continuous support wouldn't of been possible to go onto the bigger pitch without any of you👏

Nov 15, 2022

Nice one Max, bring it on! Another option could be a mini tournament with 4 teams, all playing each other: 8.00pm Team 1 v Team 2 Team 3 v Team 4 8.20pm Team 1 v Team 3 Team 2 v Team 4 8.40pm Team 1 v Team 4 Team 2 v Team 3 Award 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. If top 2 teams on equal points then look at goal difference. Probably recommend everyone getting there no later then 7.50pm though, so we can start bang on 8pm 😀



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